Getting Going

After a few hiccups on the IT side, I think we are now fully up and running – and I hope those words do not come back to bite me!
It has been a struggle largely caused by my decision to use a virtual server service provider to host my various IT tools. This includes a wiki that I have set up to help me keep track of things and my mail box – I was trying to avoid becoming “Google dependent” and without investing in a full Microsoft exchange. But this has brought its limitations for which I am paying a price in a certain inflexibility.
For example, this approach does not seem to be compatible with Outlook which I have been using to set up my contacts database. We are still working on this but for the moment at least I have had to re-enter email addresses into my new mail client (Zimbra) in order to be able to send bulk mails to multiple contacts. Not a heavy task but a little irritating. I also cannot set up a push delivery to me mobile phone. This would be possible but with an enhanced version of Zimbra which starts to resemble Microsoft Exchange and whilst it is considerably cheaper than Exchange it is still aimed at a company with a number of accounts which is not my case.
Despite these difficulties, I am now operational and you can certainly contact me using

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