Parking Ticket

I went to visit someone for lunch yesterday in town. As it was a little difficult to get there on public transport this time I took the car. I was lucky, I found a parking spot right in front of the building!

When I went to get a ticket the meter was broken but they offered the possibility to pay by GSM. I followed the instructions to send and sms to 4411 with SCH1 and AAA000 in the text, which I duly did and went in for lunch. When I came out I had a parking ticket. I also had a reply to my sms.

Of course I had been a bit stupid ;-) I quickly realised even before seeing the text that I should have put in my registration number. How else could they link my payment with my car parked? Doh! The SCH1 gave the location of the parking area and the traffic warden has a live link to see which cars have paid by sms. However, what really struck me was that the sms reply to me was in Flemish.

Now only 5% of the people in Brussels use Flemish as their first language. Why then send an sms in a minority language since Brussels is officially bi-lingual and as a commercial operation the parking operator should know better.

Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of the meter so I took my lesson and paid the ticket to avoid further arguments but it could be an interesting case to test.

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