Friendly Banks

Today a banking story. My friend went to the bank today to put in some money. The cashier told her that her account was blocked but did not know why. My friend asked to speak to some more senior who still could not answer. Finally the branch manager was able to tell her that it was because she had another account with the bank that had not been touched for 8 years! This other account was a blocked account in which the deposit for the office rental was placed – so it was quite normal that nothing had happened on the account. It would only be touched when the rental ends.

The bank themselves helped her fill in a complaint to the ombudsman that oversees their operations.

After appealing to the manager, she was allowed to pay in her money – but not to draw any out. The account is still blocked and will be for several days whilst permission from the ombudsman is obtained. I guess it all makes work for the bank, for the ombudsman and certainly for my friend who wasted over 1 hour of her day trying to sort out a problem that should never have existed.

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