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Geoff Sawyer

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I have recently left the position of Vice-president and Head of Business Intelligence in the world’s largest Aerospace and Defence company; EADS in order to set up my own consultancy business – Capsec Business Consulting sprl based in Brussels. Capsec offers companies and trade sectors support to market and business development activities in the key domains of space and security. Through my extensive sectorial experience and many years of working within industry and public bodies especially in senior representative positions, I can offer a wide-network of contacts backed up with a sound business background and a strong creative record.

Career Background:

Throughout my interesting and successful career, I have always looked for new challenges which I have met with a high degree of skill and professionalism. I have developed a wide range of skills and competences working in engineering, systems design, applications, international business development including exports in Asia, policy making, institutional relations & lobbying, strategy and business intelligence. I communicate well both in spoken and written forms and build trust with colleagues and clients.

I have been responsible for major projects including Europe’s first satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (on ERS-1), for the first Earth Observation export contract (with China), for the creation of the European satellite programme GMES (whilst within the European Commission) amongst many other achievements.

I am a good networker having worked in international industry for most of my working life. I have spent some time working as a policy expert in the public sector (on behalf of HMG in the European Commission) and have also filled many representative positions at national and European levels that leaves me able to develop contacts in industry, academia and government.

This spread of experience and responsibilities has given me an excellent understanding of how the industry works and of the political and strategic interests that drive it. I have an excellent knowledge of the European Union, how it functions and also how it is evolving in relevance and importance to the space and security industries. Throughout these years I have developed a rich and extensive network of contacts within government institutions, industry and academia.


I enjoy responsibility, variety and tackling new challenges and I believe I can offer creative solutions to problems. I am a good team worker and can operate effectively with people at all levels. I have managed teams of various sizes (up to 30 people direct) and am well able to motivate and organize people to achieve objectives. My written, aural and oral skills are excellent and I have had much experience of preparing and presenting material to large audiences. I am an energetic and adaptable person prepared to commit significant effort to my work.

Employment Summary:

2006 – 2010 VP: EADS Corporate Strategy

Vice president in EADS reporting to the Head of Group strategy responsible for developing and steering strategy within the Group. This includes:

  • Up to 2008, Corporate strategist for Space, responsible for the strategy for Astrium division from an EADS corporate perspective. Developing and challenging division strategy, preparing annual strategic reviews, advising on acquisitions to enhance the division (successful cases being GPT, European Heat Pipes, SSTL, IMASS, SPOT Image).
  • 2008 to Jan 2011; Head of Business Intelligence, responsible for creating a network of analysts and experts throughout EADS and the delivery of key competitive intelligence to EADS CEO, Head of Strategy and Division Heads. Developing a professional basis for Business Intelligence inside of EADS.

EADS Astrium: Head of EU Affairs

Head of EU Affairs for Astrium, reporting to the senior vice-president for Institutional Relations, responsible for company business relationship and representation with the EU (Commission, Parliament, Council) and linked bodies ie. European Defence Agency.

  • Prepare and present EADS views on European Space Policy (for example for the EC green paper on space and for security).
  • Preparatory work for Galileo and the presentation and communication of ideas with the European Commission as well as interpreting EC proposals and their impact on Astrium business.
  • Development of the GMES programme and of Astrium position therein, including maintaining a comprehensive view of the EC position, interpreting events and policies, providing position papers through many channels.
  • Development of the new security activity of the EC to prepare a security research programme within FP7. Representing the space sector and providing papers, views and executing lobby tasks.

Chairman of the ASD Security R&D Committee gathering views from the A&D industry particularly regarding the EC Framework Programme and representing the ASD community as a whole in various meetings, workshops and conferences.

European Commission; seconded national expert

Policy advisor on behalf of the British National Space Centre (BNSC) working in the space policy unit attached to the EC Space Co-ordinator (Herbert Allgeier) who was also Director General of the EC Joint Research Centre.

  • Creation of and co-ordinating activities on GMES since its inception (or conception) at the Baveno meeting in 1998 and the links with other parts of the European Commission as well as outside organizations through the Space Advisory Group (SAG).
  • EC delegate to the ESA PB-EO; represented the EC at various meetings on GMES and space policy; assisting the French Presidency with the 1st GMES presidency event at Lille – October 2000.

Matra Marconi Space; Project Manager & Business Development Manager

Various management positions with responsibility for the development of new concepts and business opportunities including extensive traveling in Asia developing contracts for new satellite systems as well as business in other markets.

  • Developed and managed a 9 month export contract with a team of 25 including up to 12 engineers from China who were based in the UK for this time
  • Conceived and ran a study in the UK for the BNSC into how the European Union could become a stronger market or supporter of EO systems and applications.

Marconi Space Systems; Systems EngineeringLeader

Radar systems leader responsible for Synthetic Aperture Radar systems and the design and performance of satellite based-radar. This included extensive engagement with the customer to satisfy them of our performance, links to R&D activities, manufacturing and the design office, and sub-contractors to ensure adherence to contract conditions.

  • Design of the ERS-1 SAR leading a European team of engineers and scientists in the definition, analysis and design of the radar.
  • Conceived and ran UK project to define a new radar concept – the Versatile SAR – adopted by Europe as the Advanced SAR for Envisat following a successful UK campaign to promote.
  • Development of European-wide research projects with EC funding including team-building, proposal submission, contract management and overall management of the project.

British Aerospace (Guided Weapons Division)

  • Systems engineer responsible for the design of a wide range of microwave systems including 94GHz radars, command links, simulators and surveillance systems
  • 6 months seconded to Hughes in Los Angeles, USA as the British Aerospace representative on a joint development progranmme.

Marconi Space and Defence Systems

  • Electronics design engineer in the space department at MSDS responsible for satellite equipments ranging from a DC power conditioning unit (MAROCS) through to microwave circuit design.

Qualification Summary:

Education & Training:

University of Southampton      BSc(Hons) Electronics

University of Southampton      Diploma in Education

University of Southampton      Masters of Business Administration (merit)

Member of Representative Bodies:

1988 – 1997     Executive Committee member of BARSC (British Assocation of Remote Sensing Companies.

1991-1997              Director of EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies), including

1993-1996       Chairman EARSC

2000- 2004      Chairman Eurospace Earth Observation Working Group; later GMES working group.

2000 – 2006    Member Executive Committee UK Industrial Space Committee

2003- 2004      Eurospace founder member on Industrial Working Group on Security (IWGS)

2001- 2006      Member Eurospace Security and Defence working group

2002 – 2006     Member of the Eurisy Council

2005-2009       Chairman of the ASD Security Committee

2008-2010       Founding chairman of the IMG-S (Integrated Mission Group for Security)

2009- 2010      Member of European Commission Security Advisory Group;

Expert advisor to the EC Security Advisory Programme.