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Paying for Errors

This is really an incredible story and maybe the moment when I say Belgium is not the place I shall do business in the future – but let’s see how it plays out.

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Recruitment Procedure

Again, it is a long time since I last wrote for this blog. This time it is concerning an excessive recruitment process.

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A Letter about Food Safety

I got back from my holiday last week to find a letter from the AFSCA – the Agence Federale pour la Securite de la Chaine Alimentaire. In other words the agency that takes care of food health and safety.

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Parking Ticket

I went to visit someone for lunch yesterday in town. As it was a little difficult to get there on public transport this time I took the car. I was lucky, I found a parking spot right in front of … Continue reading

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Tax Inspectors

It is far too long since I last wrote, but I really do want to get back to blogging so that this web-site stays alive. My initial plan was to start by writing about the setting up of Capsec and … Continue reading

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More Forms

Setting up the company was just the start of the bureaucratic processes! I am now starting to learn more about the Belgian system. I had thought it would be relatively quiet – at least until it came to paying the … Continue reading

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Teething Problems

We are back up and running!

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Starting the Company

Setting up a company in Belgium is so much more difficult than it would be in the UK. Whereas in England I could purchase a ready-made company on-line for €50 and be up and running in 4 hours (!), in … Continue reading

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