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Teething Problems

We are back up and running! Continue reading

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Starting the Company

Setting up a company in Belgium is so much more difficult than it would be in the UK. Whereas in England I could purchase a ready-made company on-line for €50 and be up and running in 4 hours (!), in Belgium I have to follow a set procedure, that takes days if not weeks, costs around €2000 and ending with a notaire (solicitor). The founder has to have certain qualifications (to run a business), to have a prepared business plan.  Fortunately (or not) I have already contacted an accountant who has been advising me and they will help with the process – for a fee of course. Continue reading

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Fine-tuning European Border Security

Organised by the SDA.

New EU Director General for Home Affairs Stefano Manservisi will present the European Commission’s policy at this roundtable, which will examine how far member states are cooperating on border security, and how public opinion is likely to affect policy developments.

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